Small Cute Green Pointer




in midst of summer haze
crimson goddess lays alongside i
speaking in ancient tongue
spilling over with promise,
and whispers of beginning

capricious little wildfire
dances across my chest
so gentle-
searching for hair thin seam
to expose tangerine lungs
stifled with confession

threaded fingers, grounded
basking in the plume of her magic
all consuming, leave nothing behind
citrus fruit against soft lips




꒰ numerology: 13 ꒱

꒰ astrological sign: scorpio ꒱

꒰ element: water ꒱

꒰ companion card: the emperor ꒱

꒰ keywords: transformation, endings, closure, cycles ꒱


death is the universal constant.
It is inecapable and painful, but also necessary to make room for new life. sometimes these endings are expected, while at other times they are sudden and shocking, but they all share the same result: change.

death also reminds you to explore the shadow side of your psyche. in order to appreciate the light aspects of life such as joy and positivity, you have to understand the dark aspects, like pain and grief. your best sekf is well-rounded.


꒰ excerpt taken from the antique anatomy tarot by claire goodchild ꒱